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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stacy Dynan

Stacy Dynan paintings:
“Stacy’s work has a lightness that is so joyful, it just makes people happy,” notes Lynn Oberstein, owner of Merritt Young Gallery in Ardmore, PA, with–what else–a smile. “Along with the whimsical subject matter, the colors vibrate at a high level and generate a feeling of warmth and fun. Aptly named the “Feel Good” series, Dynan’s most popular collection celebrates free spirited women in motion, bicycling and flying planes through creatively enchanted landscapes; clearly reveling in the magic of the journey–not unlike the artist herself.

Dynan’s work definitely strikes an emotional chord during these stressful times, says Oberstein, delighted to discover and showcase artists who think outside the box. “She left her comfort zone to break through the boundaries of both her own and others’ expectations,” beams Oberstein, the proud parent. “Like their creator, the women in her paintings dare to dream.”

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