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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Proof Print of Plate #4 for Printmaking

This plate I did more for myself than for a project in the class. I have always really be interested in palm trees. When I was in 7th grade art class we had an assignment to take one part of an M.C. Escher work and redraw it. The part that I chose had a palm tree in it. Ever since then I find myself doodling them and just being fascinated with them.

Proof Print of Plate #3 for Printmaking

This plate utilizes a technique called sugar lift. Basically, the design I drew is in a sugary mixture. Then I covered it with a liquid ground, very thinly. Once dry, I ran the plate under water and the sugar washed away leaving the ground still there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Photo Project

For my final project, I will be working with one of the fashion majors. The project is expanding on the theme of her final project of "Black Widows", as in actual women. The clothing that is involved is that of a "typical 50s housewife" but with some aspect that is a little risque about it. So more about wives who remain their aspect of domesticity but also aren't really feeling the sorrow they should be for just losing their husbands. For this project plan to use household objects that come to mind when talking about housewives, washer/dryer, stove, frying pan, etc yet having a lot of control over the posture of the models and their expressions. Also a lot of emphasis on dramatic lighting. One of the photographer that I am choosing to look at is Ellen von Unwerth. She is a fashion photographer who does a lot of work with women and showing them in nontraditional ways. Here is a link to website with some images of her work on them: