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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Intaglio Printmaking

Here is the plate I am working on right now.

How to Steps to Make a Similar Plate:
Take a metal plate
File of the edges
Spray painted it
Put into acid
Let drops of acid set on the top
Covered it in asphalt
Draw the design up then traced it onto the plate
Use a needle and etch design into the asphalt
Put it back in the acid
Wash it with kerosene
Print it once but if not dark enough
Re asphalt it
Varnish the edges
Re etch
Back in the acid
Spray paint
Repeat Steps as Necessary
Then finally got the desired print

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Photography?

Upon enrolling in art school, I was determined to receive a degree in three-dimensional work. I considered a career in artist jewelry. However, as I began fulfilling my other course requirements, I found another field that peaked my interest. I have always enjoyed capturing aspects of my life through photography. At the time, I did not consider what I was doing as art. I began to recognize my camera as a tool for capturing beauty in the world. I found this new way of seeing the world came natural to me and that it was something I really enjoyed. I wanted to document the splendor of everyday objects, things that others just usually look past. An example of this would be a decaying building. Most would look past. I am interested in the history and how it came to be so. With this goal in mind, I began to observe the world in a different manner. I try to look for the story in the object and showing it as beautiful rather than decrepit. I am beginning to see scenes in my daily life that would look intriguing through the lens. My work concentrates on the use of line, shapes, highlights and shadows. This creates meaning in what is seemingly insignificant. Currently, I am really focusing on developing my technical skills and learning how I can best utilize the camera.