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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out of the country...

I'm out of the country for the next week. I will be back posting early next week. Thanks!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Michelangelo Pistoletto: Serpentine Gallery:
Installation, Mirror of Judgement, London, Contemporary ArtInstallation, Serpentine Gallery, London, Contemporary ArtInstallation, collabcubed, Contemporary Art, cardboard mazeA leading figure in conceptual art, Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto has combined several elements from previous works to create the site-specific installation The Mirror of Judgment at the Serpentine Gallery in London. In the labyrinth of corrugated cardboard one comes upon sculptures/objects that include a Trumpet of Judgement, a Buddha, and a prayer kneeler, to name a few. Pistoletto says the gallery is like a temple – in a spiritual sense, not religious – where we come up against the mirror and are meant to judge ourselves.

From the gallery’s website:

Pistoletto’s exhibition will draw visitors through the galleries, leading them via a winding maze to hidden installations and sculptures. Responding to the architecture of the Serpentine galleries and using an economy of materials, the exhibition will manipulate visitors’ perceptions of space, making them an integral part of the work itself.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, September 17th, so if you’re in London, rush on over and check it out!

via Serpentine Gallery

Photos courtesy of: Serpentine Gallery, Galleria Continua; Politicus; Sebastiano Pellion; Bertrand Huet; and Oak Taylor-Smith. ©2011 Michelangelo Pistoletto

Alicia Frankovich

Alicia Frankovich:
The Opposite of Backward
The Opposite of Backward

Carly Waito

Carly Waito:
Paintings by Carly Waito.
Artist painter Carly Waito paintings

Sonya Kozlova

Sonya Kozlova:
Photos by Sonya Kozlova.
Photographer Sonya Kozlova photography

J. Alex Goss

J. Alex Goss:
Photos by J. Alex Goss.
Photographer J Alex Goss

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chus Garcia-Fraile

Chus Garcia-Fraile: Protected Zones:
chus garcia fraile, photography, surreal, moving platform on sea, video

photography, video, surreal, spanish art, escalator in nature

More work from Chus Garcia-Fraile (see previous post). Protected Zone Sea and Protected Zone. Both are photo stills and videos, and both are eerily surreal.You can see the video of the bottom image, Protected Zone, here.

Francesco Basile

Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70):

lookLR2 750x321 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

1101 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

1012 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

912 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

344 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

815 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

717 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

437 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

529 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

619 Francesco Basile (Polaroid SX 70)

Elizabeth Delfs

LTVs, Elizabeth Delfs:
LTVs Elizabeth Delphs 02 LTVs, Elizabeth Delfs

Merging tailoring, architecture and sculpture in an inter-disciplinary practice where shapes and surfaces form the space of the garment. This is how the young Elizabeth Delfs presents herself.

LTVs Elizabeth Delphs 04 LTVs, Elizabeth Delfs

Mike Shaw

Amazing Landscape Photography:
In this post we showcased amazing pictures from Mike Shaw portfolio focused on landscape photography. Mike is a very talented photographer from UK, a self taught and specializing in landscape and street portraits but likes to move about genres to test his abilities. Mike has gone on to develop photographic techniques by crossing over editing software that has given him a style that is uniquely his.

More Landscape Photos

Stacy Dynan

Stacy Dynan paintings:
“Stacy’s work has a lightness that is so joyful, it just makes people happy,” notes Lynn Oberstein, owner of Merritt Young Gallery in Ardmore, PA, with–what else–a smile. “Along with the whimsical subject matter, the colors vibrate at a high level and generate a feeling of warmth and fun. Aptly named the “Feel Good” series, Dynan’s most popular collection celebrates free spirited women in motion, bicycling and flying planes through creatively enchanted landscapes; clearly reveling in the magic of the journey–not unlike the artist herself.

Dynan’s work definitely strikes an emotional chord during these stressful times, says Oberstein, delighted to discover and showcase artists who think outside the box. “She left her comfort zone to break through the boundaries of both her own and others’ expectations,” beams Oberstein, the proud parent. “Like their creator, the women in her paintings dare to dream.”

Official website