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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brooks Salswedel

Brooks Salswedel at George Billis Gallery:

Through an extremely toxic, resin layering process Brooks Salzwedel creates multi-faceted pieces that seek to shine light towards the also toxic affect society is having on nature. Salzwedel's spectral, foggy dreamscapes often include massive man made contraptions looming desperately in the midst of their destructive paths, hints of nature's prior existence dotting the scene and we the viewers - thanks to Salzwedel's entrancing artistic process - gaze on these monsters from the safety and comfort of the as of yet undisturbed thicket. The irony being that our safety is simply a gag designed by Salzwedel's pencil which creates the illusion of a natural window, a window not to the future but to remind us of our past. Brooks has a show of brand new work opening on March 31st at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles. - Zach Tutor

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via Hi-Fructose Magazine

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