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Friday, February 3, 2012

Seth Wulsin

Seth Wulsin: Animas:
Animas, multi-screen installations, Seth Wulsin, Brooklyn artist, collabcubedAnimas, multi-screen installations, Seth Wulsin, Brooklyn artist, collabcubedSculpture, multi-screen, multi-dimensional heads, mesh sheets, Brooklyn artistSculpture, multi-screen, multi-dimensional heads, Buenos Aires street artSeth Wulsin, Installation, Buenos Aires Prison, Windows as pixels, cool art effect
Wulsin works primarily with space and light through these large-scale, site-specific, ephemeral sculptural installations. His Animas (soul in Latin) series explores the interior dimensions of mind and soul in the physicality of space. Here is how Wulsin describes his Animas sculptures:

Each sculpture has three kinds of inter-dimensional space that all occupy the same spatial coordinates: the concrete, volumetric space of the screens; the pictorial/volumetric space of the images produced by the paint on the screens; and the optical interference generated between the screen grids when two or more planes overlap (without coinciding) , an optically real, but tactically non-existent space.

Also very interesting are his works on the streets of Buenos Aires. The photo second from bottom, are two small Animas embedded in a building front, and the bottom photo is from his work 16 Tons, using the prison window grids of a Buenos Aires prison as a pixelated screen. By breaking out certain windows, images of faces appeared reflected in the remaining panes. Very cool and creepy.

via Collabcubed

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